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Lord, we thank you for the fellowship and connection birthed at Revive. Year after year, we watch strangers become friends.  We witness women connect and share resources, ideas, and advice.  They exchange numbers and join forces working smarter, not harder. They give airport rides and house those ... Read More about Day 19 of 31 – Praying for Revive

Lord, each Sunday we open your Word and pray the words you breathed onto the page back to you.  Today we thank you for being the God who gives endurance and encouragement.  We ask you for one mind and one voice - all for your glory.  May we accept one another just as you accepted us. Romans ... Read More about Day 18 of 31

Heavenly Father, as we gather for Revive, remind us that we are gathering for one purpose: To glorify you.  This will look different throughout the Revive agenda as we pray, communicate, sing, paint, fellowship, laugh, and cry. Remind us that though we are different, we love one Creator.  We may ... Read More about Day 17 of 31 – Praying for Revive

Lord, we pray a special blessing over each family sending mom, wife, sister, and friend for a time of renewal.  May they understand that her time at Revive will bring her closer to God, giving her Sabbath time to rest and reconnect.  We also ask that in her absence her family would be reminded that ... Read More about Day 16 of 31 – Praying for Revive

Lord, we ask you for understanding and enlightenment as we prepare our fourth message:  Stillness.  You call us to be still and know that you are God; you lead us beside still waters, refreshing our souls and guiding us along right paths for your glory. But, Lord, we confess that stillness is ... Read More about Day 15 of 31 – Praying for Revive

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