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They come from throughout Honduras. Some drive, some fly, and some ride a bus.  But, they all come for one reason:  To sit at His feet for four days remembering who they are in Christ and why He sent them to Honduras.  

They come to be Revived.

Revive is a four-day retreat for women missionaries serving in Honduras.  A team of five to ten ladies from the Women of Purpose team in Parkersburg, West Virginia, plan and organize the retreat from worship to messages to quiet time. These women serve as speakers, singers, prayer group leaders, registration/behind the scenes helpers, and writers.  Most of all, they love on ladies who often come tired and weary from their journey as a missionary.

A contemporary band consisting of about five women and men also travels to Honduras.  When not with the WOP team at the retreat, the band (along with a few other men) builds houses, distributes food, and shares the gospel in and around Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Women of Purpose team’s heart is to pour back into these ladies some of what they pour out on the mission field.  Year after year we receive messages after Revive, detailing how it changed lives, rejuvenated souls, and renewed hope.  We hear of friendships made. Most of all, we hear of the sisterhood God has grown as the  missionaries network, share resources, and help one another have a greater impact in Honduras.  Women who had never met, now work together thanks to Revive. They also hold weekly Bible studies thanks to a connection made at Revive.

Revive has become a connecting place for missionaries.  A place to share ministry mistakes and cultural concerns.  To sing glory to God, cry tears of hurt, share stories of victory, and love one another.  To network and collaborate for His Kingdom- for His glory.

As registration opens this year, WOP expects a wait list.  Last year, over 103 missionaries attended Revive, and 100 is our capacity.  We’re exploring options to expand the retreat to a second site in hopes of serving more women. We are believing God will provide the financial means to host and house all missionaries because, while we ask the missionaries to pay for their travel, the retreat is free of charge.  Most missionaries simply do not have money in their already tight budgets for retreats or conferences.

So, we pray for each missionary attending as well as the ministry and family she represents. We pray for days filled with amazing revival and provision gifted from giving hearts.  We pray you’ll join us.



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